Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

2018 Summit Presentations

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Emerging Professionals Workshop


City Energy Project Roundtable

  City Energy Project Des Moines
Kent Newman, City of Des Moines City Energy Project



Breakout Sessions

  Energy Razors: Five Blades for Shaving Peak Demand!
Jonathan Hilyard, Michaels Energy
  Energy Efficiency Fact and Fiction
Sophia Markowska, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  Beyond Efficiency: Technology invigorating architecture with unprecedented design and performance
Forrest Meggers, Princeton University School of Architecture & Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
  Using Energy Disaggregation and Artificial Intelligence to Personalize Customer Engagement and Energy Savings
Jordana Temlock, Bidgely & Mark Schuling, Office of Consumer Advocate
  The New Influence of Regulatory Policy Development
Will McNamara & Amy Stevens, CLEAResult
  Let there be trees! Energy efficiency beyond the building envelope
Emily Swihart, Trees Forever & Tivon Feeley, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  Understanding and Balancing Needs of a School District: Johnston CSD High School
Karl Kaufman, The Weidt Group Andrew Venzke, Alvine Engineering Tom Wollan, FRK Architects + Engineers
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