Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

2020 Presentations

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Keynote: Reimagining What’s in Front of Us to Transform What’s Ahead of Us
Chet W. Sisk, Futurist Speaker

Defining and Embracing Resilience: Energy Infrastructure Adaptation for the Future Built Environment
Andrea Marr, Director, Willdan
Jason Steinbock, Director of Business Development, Willdan

High Efficiency Homebuilding
Presented by IEDA
Jeff Geerts, Special Projects Manager, IEDA
Kevin Nordmeyer, Principal, BNIM
Dan Clark, Director, Iowa Prison Industries

Primary Homes For Iowa Website

Virtual Tour 

The Iowa Energy Storage Study
Steve Letendre, PhD, Principal Associate, Synapse Energy Economics

Solar + Storage Crate Virtual Tour and Discussion
Presented by IEDA
Anne Kimber, Executive Director, Electric Power Research Center at Iowa State University

Valuing Energy Efficiency Starts with Real Estate Agent Education
Natalia Gardocki, Program Associate, MEEA
Pamela Brookstein, Project Manager, Elevate Energy

The Future Is Electric! EE + BE+ CE (Clean Energy) = Sustainability!
Steven Koep, BE Ambassador & BEL Free Agent
Steve Guyer, Energy Climate Policy Specialist, Iowa Environmental Council
Joe Hejda, Manager of Smart Electrification, CIPCO
Jim Sayers, BE Ambassador, Geothermal Exchange Organization

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