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Keynote: Chet W. Sisk

Chet W. Sisk -- Is a futurist, inspirational speaker, author and founder of Universal Basic Resources. He is a transformation management consultant specializing in helping organizations and individuals thrive and succeed in a time of massive change. Leveraging market-based approaches with an emphasis on community leadership, Chet helps people prepare for the shifts climate change, technological evolution and social disruption bring. Chet has his finger on the pulse of change and shares his research so that you can make better decisions for your life and your organization. The next few years will be the most dynamic of our lifetime. Chet is here to help make sense of these developments while directing you to the opportunities this time presents. With a focus on optimism, Chet helps us realize that we are the ones that decide what the immediate future will be. He points out the 7 steps everyone should be taking right now to prepare for the emerging opportunities.

Chet has spoken on these subjects at the United Nations in 2015 and 2017 as a guest of the Friendship Ambassadors. He has presented in almost 30 different countries, including South Africa, Albania, Morocco, Malaysia, Nigeria, The Netherlands, Hungary and Bahrain.

Chet is a consultant for the city of Denver, Colorado as part of it’s Climate Action Task Force. He’s tasked to community engagement so that communities are prepared for potential affects of climate change.

He’s a trained journalist from the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale School of Journalism. He is also a Fellow of Management Studies with the Walter Kaitz Foundation.

He’s written several books and just released a new book entitled “You and the New Normal”.

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