Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

Industrial Energy Efficiency: Midwest Policies

The Midwest is well-positioned to benefit from industrial energy efficiency improvements due to the region’s significant manufacturing sector. With a high proportion of electricity consumption coming from industrial customers, Midwest utilities need strong industrial efficiency programs to meet their energy savings goals. Perhaps more importantly, energy savings improve industrial companies’ bottom lines and aid their competitive agendas. Recent trends involve some industrial customers, business associations and policy makers pushing for legislative and regulatory changes that allow large energy users to opt-out of paying into ratepayer funded energy efficiency programs. This presentation will explore the policies that impact Midwest investor-owned utilities’ industrial energy efficiency portfolios.

Samarth Medakkar is a Policy Associate at Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). Samarth is involved in tracking energy efficiency policy in Iowa, analyzing policy across the Midwest, and researching issues relating to energy efficiency, including sector-specific issues, cost-effectiveness testing, and equity.

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