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Request for Information: Demand Response Thermostat Program

Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL) is investigating suppliers that can offer oversight and
management of a demand response thermostat program.

Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL) currently offers a residential demand response program utilizing one‐way communication switches on air conditioning units. IPL anticipates continuing to use this technology while expanding the residential demand response offering through the addition of a thermostat program. IPL is looking to partner with a supplier that could offer a demand response thermostat program that would deliver demand reduction and energy savings, with future opportunities to offer add‐on customer products and/or services.

At a minimum, IPL seeks a thermostat demand response program that would deliver an additional 8 MW by 2023. IPL intends for the program to add approximately 2MW per year from 2020‐2023 to achieve this total, using 2019 as the initial planning and implementation year. However, IPL is open to supplier options to achieve the total goal of at least 8 MW by 2023.

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