Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

About Us

In 2017, the Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency celebrated its 30th anniversary as a professional organization. What began as the Iowa Solar Energy Association later morphed into the broader energy focus of today.

The first Iowa Energy Summit was held in October 1987 to coincide with the Department of Energy’s Energy Awareness Month. The title of this first conference was Iowa's Pursuit of Energy Efficiency. For many years, subsequent conferences kept the same title followed by roman numeral designations. However, as the issues around energy efficiency changed, so did the focus of the Energy Summit. While the Iowa Energy Summit continues to be held each year in the Fall, the topics change regularly to keep attendees on the cutting edge of energy technology and efficiency issues.

In the 1990s there were two very active chapters of IAEE: The Central Chapter and the Eastern Chapter. Over time it became feasible to merge the two chapters into one.

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