Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

Board of Director Responsibilities

Our Board members work hard to ensure the success of the Association:

  1. Maintain a current, valid, and unexpired membership in the Association.
    -Members submitting a nomination for the election must have a current, valid, and unexpired membership in the Association.
  2. Attend and/or participate in regularly scheduled board meetings, applicable committee meetings, and other meetings as necessary.
    -There are 6 Board meetings, generally held the third Wednesday of the month (January, March, May, July, September, December)
    -Meetings can be attended in-person or via phone
  3. Serve on at least one committee.
  4. Determine the organization’s mission and set policies for its operation.
  5. Ensure the provisions of the organization’s charter, bylaws, and policy/procedures are being followed.
  6. Set the organization’s overall course from year to year and engage in longer range planning to establish its general course for the future.
  7. Assist in implementation of programs.
  8. Establish fiscal policy and boundaries, with budgets and financial controls.
  9. Provide adequate resources for the activities of the organization through direct financial contributions, in-kind contributions, and a commitment to fundraising.
  10. Promote the work of the organization.
  11. Develop and participate in member recruitment.
  12. Disclose any interests in transactions or decisions where there may be a potential conflict, and will not participate in discussion or vote in matters where a conflict of interest arises.
  13. Each term is two years, starting on January 1 after the election.


For more information, see Article IV - Government in the association's By-Laws.

For questions, contact Suzanne at or 515-250-6366

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