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IAEE Scholarship Recipients

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Carissa Moyna

Carissa is a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in Civil Engineering. Her passion for engineering and construction was sparked at a young age by her father’s inspirational career in the family’s road construction business. During a recent construction internship, Carissa was inspired to improve the process to ensure proper design and reduction of the building’s environmental footprint through energy efficiency solutions. Carissa was also part of The Green Energy Challenge, a national competition involving preparation of a proposal to increase the energy efficiency of a community building, in which her team took first place. The competition also included volunteering at the team’s community building and Carissa was the volunteer coordinator for the selected senior citizens center. She planned a lunch and learn series with seniors that creatively shared energy efficiency tips with trivia and a presentation about LED rebates. She plans to continue her studies at Iowa State in the concurrent MBA program and aspires to open her own environmental design-build firm which would focus on energy efficiency.

The IAEE scholarship committee is proud to award the 2020 scholarship to Carissa. She represents the IAEE mission statement “To champion the efficient use of energy, for the benefit of all Iowans, by serving our members through education and collaboration”.


2019 Scholarship Recipient

Luke Narog

Luke Narog is a Junior at Iowa State University studying Mechanical Engineering. In his application essay he states “I believe Mechanical Engineering is a great degree for this field because it is fundamentally geared towards applying principles including thermodynamics, heating & ventilation to continually improve energy usage. Mechanical Engineering’s diversity allows one to work on improving the heat retention and cooling demands of a building or work on the floor of a manufacturing plant to improve the efficiency of machinery. Two different types of work with the same outcome of greater energy efficiency.” Luke showed how his education and his volunteer projects changed the way he views large scale energy usage and he will be able to better apply his learning to improve energy efficiency.


2018 Scholarship Recipients

Logan Peters

Logan, of Portsmouth, IA, is a Junior at Iowa State University and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently interning at SystemWorks LLC where he is helping to improve energy efficiency of mechanical systems in new and existing buildings. He had the opportunity to analyze data from the Indian Creek Nature Center which is one of Iowa’s first net-zero buildings. His goal is to design farm equipment that is more energy efficient. In his studies and internship, Logan has displayed a real passion for energy efficiency.




Michael Seymour

Michael, of Urbandale, IA, is a junior at Iowa State University and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor Sales Engineering. Over the past few years he has had the opportunity to work with HVAC professionals at The Waldinger Corporation and Control Installations of Iowa as a mechanical engineering intern. Michael is the President of the ASHRAE student chapter at Iowa State University. He is using his position in that organization to help further the IAEE mission to “promote the art and science of the efficient use of energy” by inviting guest speakers, that focus on energy efficiency, to their meetings. This is the second time Michael has received an IAEE scholarship. The committee felt that he had shown tremendous grown in just the six months since he last received this award.

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