Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

Energy Grant Awardee Announced

We are excited to announce that Elevate is the first recipient of IAEE's new grant program. Work on this project is already underway and will begin impacting Iowa yet this year.

Real Estate Agent Engagement and Education: Building the Bridge Between Energy Efficiency and Real Estate: This project directly furthers IAEE’s mission to ensure people in Iowa have the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to optimize energy use by providing information about energy efficiency to the people who directly work with homebuyers and sellers. Real estate agents today are trusted messengers for homebuyers and sellers. When shopping for a new home, buyers often seek advice on related topics, ranging from an area’s walkability to a good local electrician. Often, new homeowners intend to make renovations or improvements to the home after purchase. As a trusted messenger, the real estate agent can be a conduit to the homeowner to provide knowledge and encourage action on energy efficiency. 


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