Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

Association History


The Iowa Solar Energy Association was formed.


The Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the name of the association to the Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency. This changed the focus of the association from energy generation to energy usage. It was a small group who met at Bonanza in Des Moines for their meetings. The first few Summits only had a couple of dozen attendees. The President of the Association was also the Conference Coordinator.


The group shrank a bit more and started meeting for breakfast at the Machine Shed in Urbandale. These weren't formal meetings but common interest discussions. By the mid 90s, IAEE was about 2 votes from extinction. Gas prices were under $1.00/gallon so energy efficiency was low on the priority list for many. There were a few committed souls who kept the group going.


The Association hired Patti Cale-Finnegan as the first Executive Director and began growing. For a time, the Executive Director was also the Conference Coordinator. As the Summit grew, it became too much for one person and the Association also hired a Conference Coordinator.


IAEE celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

Association highlights:

  • Over 180 members from across the state of Iowa and surrounding states
  • Board of Directors has 12 elected officials and 4 ex-officio members
  • Hosts 8 or more webinars each year
  • Hosts the Iowa Energy Summit each year - 200+ participants
  • Sends 6 newsletters to members each year
  • Coordinates tours of energy efficient buildings across the state
  • NEW in 2017! Scholarship program


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