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IAEE Seeks Presenters for the 2022 Iowa Energy Summit


The Iowa Association Energy Efficiency is looking for presenters for the 2022 Iowa Energy Summit November 8 -9 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona. We want to find people or organizations that will highlight programs, products, and innovations that help Iowans reduce energy waste and keep us moving forward to a better tomorrow. Some ideas could include presentations on:

Energy Efficiency: Any product or service that has proven to reduce energy waste or give customers the ability to control their energy usage to stay comfortable and save energy and money.

Innovations: New and experimental ways to create energy, distribute energy or efficiently store energy. What are the latest and greatest to keep our grid healthy and operational? What are the latest construction techniques to make buildings efficient and save energy? Anything from generation of energy to construction of the homes we live in could be an innovative inspiration.

Beneficial Electrification: Ideas that can highlight the pros and cons of beneficial electrification and how they have put this into practice to help customers save money and reduce environmental impact. This includes anything from heat pumps to electric vehicles.

Renewables: How can renewables partner with generation and distribution to lower costs and make customers more energy efficient?

Programs and Education: What programs are available to help all customers from low income to moderate income? How can energy be equitable and benefit all?

These are examples of just a few topics we would be interest in hearing about at the 2022 Iowa Energy Summit. Get creative and submit your own ideas for review. Click here to submit your abstract. Submit your ideas and show us how we all can make a difference for tomorrow.

Please contact our Conference Coordinator, Meribeth Schmidt (630-518-1207), with questions.

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