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IAEE Leadership Spotlight - Bruce Greiner, Board Member


Bruce Greiner became a member of IAEE in 1988, approximately 24 years ago. At that time, he was employed by the Des Moines Public Schools as a facility manager and initiated energy efficiency projects in DMPS facilities.  With a job change he left the Association. Five years ago, he rejoined the IAEE. Bruce is completing his second term as a Board member with IAEE and will step down later this year.

Bruce’s history with Energy Efficiency Programs: Bruce has held certifications which include being an Iowa Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Facility Manager. Bruce managed the energy efficiency program for DMPS facilities for almost a decade. Later, as Director of General Services for Polk County, IA, Bruce started EE programs with the support of Angela Connolly, Board of Supervisor. In that position he became an Iowa State Ambassador for the Federal Rebuild America Program. Bruce eventually went on to work for the City of Des Moines, where he spearheaded one of the first LEED Platinum buildings in Des Moines with MODUS Engineering, the Franklin Library.  Later, he took the position of the Deputy Director for the State of Iowa in the Iowa Department of Energy Independence. In that position he oversaw $56 million in energy efficiency grants awards for projects in the State of Iowa.

Bruce currently provides training and marketing support for VHF Sales, Inc., a HVAC and industrial equipment manufacturer’s representative firm based in Grimes, IA. VHF Sales, Inc. services the Iowa, Nebraska and portions of Illinois, Wisconsin and South Dakota territories. They have been serving the Midwest since 1994.

As a manufacturer representative, Bruce works with MEP engineers, contractors and owners in training, sizing, selecting and servicing of mechanical equipment. Energy efficient selections and resource management are central to his company’s selection recommendations.

As a member of the IAEE, Bruce has spearheaded six webinars that can be found on the IAEE website.  They are:

Ultraviolet Light Germicidal Irradiation This presentation addresses how ultraviolet light systems can contribute to the reduction of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria within buildings. Attendees will develop an understanding of the development of UV systems, how they contribute to improved indoor environmental quality, and different applications of the technology. The presentation will also address odor control and pathogen alert monitoring.

Efficient Water Heating Solutions for Building Heat and Domestic Hot Water Water heating solutions are critical to controlling the proliferation of infectious disease and bacteria. This presentation addresses how condensing water heating systems can provide better water heating capacity while improving efficiency performance.

Cooling Towers Solutions to Combat Microbial Growth Cooling tower design and system maintenance play a significant role in reducing the growth of bacteria and play a significant role in preventing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues. This presentation will cover cooling tower systems basics, materials of construction, design considerations and how systems can reduce or prevent the growth of legionella bacteria.

Fresh Air Solutions to Combat Transmission of Infectious Disease Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) play a significant role in increasing IAQ and Energy Recovery. As buildings reopen an emphasis is placed on reducing exposure to disease, including viruses and bacteria, through increased outdoor air volume. This presentation will introduce attendees to DOAS systems and discuss the types of equipment, and typical applications for the system.

Domestic Hot Water Skid Systems for "Net-Zero" Facility Potable Water Production Condensing water heaters and CO2 heat pump skid systems to address water quality, energy efficiency, pathogen reduction, temperate water management and the logging and reporting of domestic water systems in a net-zero facility.  Skid systems to deliver a turnkey, code complaint and reporting domestic water system that can be monitored through a smart phone.

Heat Recovery Chillers: Opportunities, De-Carbonization, and Other Considerations Opportunities, De-Carbonization, Other Considerations

Bruce joined VHF Sales, Inc. in training and marketing because energy efficiency is a central focus of VHF Sales, Inc. VHF Sales, Inc. has been instrumental in bringing the Midwest territory energy reducing and cost avoidance equipment technologies and training. 

Following is a summary of energy and carbon reducing equipment VHF Sales, Inc. provides, trains on, and supports:

Heat Pumps (ClimateMaster, BARD, Lync by Watts and Dunham-Bush Americas): VHF Sales supplies commercial heat pump equipment.  For the last decade, VHF Sales, Inc. has supplied over 30% of all heat pumps to the commercial HVAC marketplace in Iowa.  One of the latest additions to our represented manufacturers is the maker of domestic water heat pump equipment, using CO2 refrigerant, and capable of 180° F, supply water.

Chillers (Dunham-Bush Americas and Thermal Care):  Heat Recovery Double Bundle Screw Chillers, Magnetic Bearing Chillers and Chillers with low warming potential refrigerants.  Ideal for Net-Zero design applications.

Gas fired Condensing and Electric Boilers and Domestic Water Heaters (AERCO, Precision Boilers and CAMUS Hydronics):  VHF Sales, Inc. supplied the first condensing hot water equipment to the commercial market in the early 90’s.  Since that time VHF Sales, Inc. has been instrumental in bringing energy reducing and cost avoidance equipment technologies to the Midwest and now supplies electric hot water, domestic water and steam equipment. 

VFD Pumps and Automatic Balancing Valves (WILO Pump, Scot Pump, Weil Pump and American Marsh): Variable speed pumps and automatic balancing valves are an energy saver for the facility operator.

Cooling Towers with VFD Direct Drive Motors (Delta Towers and Thermal Care Towers):  HDPE towers evaluated by NREL and identified as the most energy efficient and cost-effective cooling tower, of all manufacturers, on the market.

Energy Recovery Ventilators and DOAS (ClimateMaster and Dunham-Bush Americas)

HVLS Fans (MACRO Air HVLS Fans):  Represents the inventor of HVLS technology

Fan Coils and TABs (IEC and Tuttle and Bailey):  Patented energy efficient fan coils to reduce pump energy requirements with precise temperature control

UVC for Coil Cleaning and Pathogen Reduction (EvergreenUV by Lamalier): Coil cleaning, duct and in-room pathogen reducing systems.

As the trainer for VHF Sales, Inc., Bruce has instructed hundreds of webinars and lunch and learns to thousands of participants.  Most have been concerning energy efficient equipment and systems.  VHF Sales, Inc. takes part in a dozen associations with a focus to provide training on energy efficient technologies and equipment. Those associations include:

  • Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency, IAEE
  • Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, IAMU
  • Iowa Academic Physical Plant Association, IAAPPA
  • Master Builders of Iowa, MBI
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, ASHRAE
  • Go Green Iowa Mechanical Engineer Training Series, Iowa HVAC Coalition
  • Iowa School Buildings and Grounds Association, ISBGA
  • Association of Building Contractors, ABC
  • Iowa Geothermal Heat Pump Association, IGA
  • Iowa Hospital Association, IHA
  • Iowa Health Care Association, IHCA
  • Association of Building Contractors

You can follow Bruce and VHF Sales, Inc. on LinkedIn to keep informed on energy efficient equipment and training opportunities.


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