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IAEE Member Spotlight - Alexander Himschoot


Tell us a little about yourself, background, and interests. 

I’m currently an Energy Manager with Resource Innovations, where I act as an EE resource for MidAmerican’s largest energy users. I’ve been assisting with utility program implementation for going on 5 years, having previously worked in commercial fisheries and marine electronics.

Is there a specific area of energy efficiency that you have a passion? (a certain technology, community outreach, education, data calculation, etc.)

Professionally I would love to hear more about heat pumps in large scale, non-HVAC applications (industrial systems, high demand water heating). At a personal level, I hope to explore the potential of residential hydronic systems in terms of source redundancy, space zoning, and fuel cost optimization.

What brought you to IAEE?

As my career developed I found myself working more and more on projects outside the state of Iowa. Now that I’m in a position more locally focused I’m excited to engage with local experts.

What personal benefits do you hope to receive as a member of the Association?

I look forward to learn more about local efficiency efforts and obstacles from those that have been working here for years and decades.

How do you think the Association will help shape the energy efficiency industry?

I believe the primary barriers to energy efficiency are awareness and adoption. The Association provides us the ability to network and share success stories, increasing awareness and adoption and generating a positive feedback loop.


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