Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

Utility Energy Efficiency Performance Incentives

Across the Midwest, we see attacks on energy efficiency policies seemingly every year. One such policy where we often see contention, an energy efficiency resource standard, which creates minimum energy savings targets that utilities are required to achieve, are highly effective in ramping up energy efficiency investment and savings. Certain energy efficiency policies can be less contentious and thus facilitate sustained investment, savings and the consistency vital to support the industry.

Utility performance incentives are tools that appear to make policies less polarizing, driving consistent investment and savings along with the benefits associated.This presentation will look at states in the Midwest that are providing utilities with incentives to meet or exceed efficiency targets.

Samarth Medakkar is a Policy Associate at Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). Samarth is involved in tracking energy efficiency policy in Iowa, analyzing policy across the Midwest, and researching issues related to energy efficiency, including sector-specific issues, cost-effectiveness testing, and equity.

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