Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

High Efficiency Square Pegs for Well-Designed Round Holes

Frequently, owners and design teams have perceptions regarding the best efficiency options for their buildings. When energy modeling reveals a different story, it can lead to confusion. Establishing an early connection with the owner and design team and using data-driven results to support the decision-making process forges a pathway to success.

This session will re-establish the importance of understanding how a specific building uses energy and what factors impact it. Attendees will understand the common scenarios where favored technologies fall short and rules-of-thumb no long apply. Finally, we will explore ways to integrate the data-driven results into the optimal package of energy efficiency solutions for each unique building.

Jacob Serfling, PE, an Energy Specialist at Willdan, provides commercial energy design analysis for utility incentive programs, evaluates energy savings associated with new building technologies, and assists with the Iowa B3 Benchmarking program. He serves as the Vice-Chair of the U.S. Green Building Council Iowa Market Leadership Advisory Board, crafting programming and advocacy updates to promote energy-efficient and sustainable design practices in Iowa.

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