Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency from a Customer's Point of View

Energy efficiency to most, if not all, business owners and managers is a way of life, not a utility program. Energy can be a significant input to a business's operation and is often time managed by the minute, each and every day.

This presentation will outline the budgetary significance to commercial and industrial utility customers in Iowa. From basic energy bench-marking to the implementation of cost effective measures, I will attempt to illustrate that consumers perspective of what is cost effective and what is not many times does not align with the programs designed and delivered by utilities as part of their energy efficiency portfolios.  

A portion of the presentation will focus on the different cost-effectiveness tests that can be used to determine whether a program or set of programs is approved by regulatory bodies. From the RIM test to societal benefit test, examples will be illustrated to show attendees the science and the human perception of energy efficiency program design. 

Additionally, examples will be show from successful programs offered where rebates and incentives were only a minimal part of the driver for projects moving forward.

Kelly E. Needles, President & CEO of The Energy Group, has been working in the field of project development and energy services field for roughly 32 years. During his tenure, TEG has administered energy efficiency project work in the institutional sector (over 725 projects in schools, hospitals, local governments, private colleges, and non-profit organizations) as well as nearly 4000 projects for private sector businesses (main street/retail, industry, etc...) throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

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